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Marvinville Weather Thingy Research Institute

About the MWTRI

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About the Weather Thingy
Location Latitude 32° 46.92' N
Location Longitude 117° 09.42' W
Location Altitude 276 feet
Weewx Uptime 2 days, 9 hours, 30 minutes
Server Uptime 148 days, 21 hours, 50 minutes
Weewx Version v2.6.2
ISS Battery Status Ok (0)

The Weather Thingy of the Marvinville Weather Thingy Research Institute

The MWTRI Weather Thingy is a Davis VantagePro2, controlled by 'weewx', an experimental weather software system written in Python, running on a Raspberry Pi single-board computer under Raspbian OS, a lightweight Debian based operating system. Enjoy the science.®

About the Marvinville Weather Thingy Research Institute


Marvin Ursine, RFB

Marvin Ursine, RFB and CEO of the Marvinville Weather Thingy Research Institute, being
interviewed on San Diego Channel 89's "Don't Spill Your Coffee" drive-time morning talk show.


MWTRI Vital Facts

Established: June 10, 2013
Campus: Birdland, San Diego, California
President & CEO: Marvin Ursine, RFB (Real Fur Bear)
Born: Québec City, Canada ("I'm Canadian. I'm a Canadian Bear from Canada.")

MWTRI History

Marvin Ursine, RFB, is the President and CEO of the Marvinville Weather Thingy Research Institute (MWTRI). Marvin was inspired to create the MWTRI while waiting to board his first flight from Quebec to San Diego. Sitting in the boarding lounge, Marvin noticed the airport weather station and, impressed by its complexity and its many moving parts, asked "What's that thingy?" Upon learning the function of the weather station he proclaimed "We need a weather thingy."

Months later, following a review of the costs involved, Marvin pledged to finance all necessary acquisitions. He insisted nothing would prevent him from bringing superior weather data to the greater Birdland area. Marvin described his vision of establishing a "Research Institute" dedicated to "doing science stuff with the weather thingy." He would name it the "Marvinville Weather Thingy Research Institute" to remind the world that "I, Marvin, bought a weather thingy, and I put it in a research institute to do science stuff."

Marvin assembled the support team, selected the MWTRI's Chief Technical Officer, then defined the MWTRI mission: "Use the credit card, get weather thingy stuff and make it work." He said he would loop back with the team to assess its progress. He then hibernated for the next 5 months.

Marvin's last words to the CTO before hibernation were to "do whatever, get the weather thingy working." Unbeknownst to the CTO the credit card was a sample card from junk mail found in the MWTRI recycling bin, imprinted "YOUR NAME HERE." The team had encountered its first roadblock, one of many to come.

Nonetheless, the dedicated MWTRI team persevered, using every trick they knew to get the weather thingy ready for launch. Five months later Marvin resurfaced and found the MWTRI up and running. He assembled the entire MWTRI team for a meeting where graciously proclaimed: "I hope you appreciate what I've done here. You're all welcome. Now go do science stuff."

Today, after innumerable bruised knuckles, endless late night coding stints, and countless trips to the electronics supply and hardware stores, Marvin welcomes you to the Marvinville Weather Thingy Research Institute. Enjoy the science.® You're welcome.